TUOS by Roderick Cabrido

A woman chosen to keep an age-old tradition alive must now choose between her granddaughter’s life and a belief that shackled her in solitary confinement.  
Besides from winning the audience choice award, Tuos also bagged the award for the best sound, original musical score, production design and cinematography in the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival. The film and its cast were also nominated in this year’s Gaward Urian Awards and Young Critics Circle, Philippines.

Roderick Cabrido
Main Cast: 

CAST: Nora Aunor/ Barbie Forteza/ Flor Salanga/ Ron Martin/ Elora Españo/ Ronnie Martinez/
Al Bernard Garcia/ Elora Españo/ Casimira Cabilitasan


Director: Roderick Cabrido
Producers: Tere S.R. Villonco, Monique Siguion-Reyna Villonco, Kara P.E. Rhounimi, Sara Santiago, Ferdinand Lapuz, Joseph Laban, Rolando Mario Villonco, Cherrie Pie Lazatin, Rewa Lazatin
Story Concept: Ralston Jover, Derick Cabrido & Denise O ‘Hara
Screenplay: Denise O’ Hara
Director of Photography: Mycko David
Editor: Mark Cyril Bautista

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