PEKTUS by Isabel Quesada

In a city where fortunes are determined by chance/ will the choices of Yong and Chino bring them closer to the redemption they so desperately seek in a town where the law of the jungle prevails?
PECTUS won both the best film and screenplay on the short film category in the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Isabel Quesada
Main Cast: 

CAST: Nonie Buencamino/ Jojit Lorenzo/ Joel Saracho/ Elora Españo/ Alex Medina/ Jess Mendoza/ Nova Villa/ Shamaine Buencamino


Director & Writer: Isabel Quesada
Producers: Ces Quesada & Tito Quesada
Directors of Photography: Carlos Mauricio & Neica Dela Cruz
Editor: Benjo Ferrer
Production Designer: Gwyn Guanzon

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