Pastor (Closing Film)

Pastor Luis Aguila and his family are seemingly tested with their faith. Luis is an ex-convinct who is now the head of his church. Mildred, his wife, tries to hide her secret as she grapples between her family and church duties. Their youngest son Carlo wrestles with growing up and tying up his family together. All of them try to overcome these obstacles but things intensify when Pastor Aguila's daughter, Katrina defies her family when she falls in love with the mysterious Jigo. 


She gets entangled in a web of lies and deceit which will cause a rift in her relationship with his family. Katrina becomes involved with Jigo's illegal activities leading to her untimely death. Pastor Aguila and wife Mildred seeks justice but it seems elusive. Jigo and his gang are eventually freed.


Now, Pastor Luis is torn between revenge and his faith. 

Adolfo B. Alix, Jr.
Country & Year: 

Cast: Phillip Salvador, Gina Alajar, Jason Abalos, Janine Gutierrez, Mark Neumann

with special participation of Elizabeth Oropesa, Alan Paule, Rosanna Roces, Angelina Kanapi

and Mikoy Morales

Production Company: Oro de Siete Productions Inc.

Executive Producer: Jun Sevilla

Line Producer: Phillip Salvador

Associate Line Producer: Emil Pacheco and Corazon Villar

Director: Adolfo B. Alix, Jr., DGPI

Writer: Ralston Jover

Director of Photography: Albert Banzon

Production Designer: Arthur Maningas

Editor: Noli Enero

Music: Marco Morales

Assistant Director: Marjorie Darunday-Sales

Production Manager: Robert John Liboon

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