Tu Pug Imatuy (The Right to Kill)

TU PUG IMATUY (The Right to Kill) by Arbi Barbarona

In the hinterlands in Mindanao, lumad couple Dawin and Obunay try to raise their children through their traditional ways of hunting and farming. They do this amidst the threats of mining and militarization in their ancestral land.
An encounter with the soldiers breaks the family apart. Obunay is raped by the soldiers. Stripped and gagged, she and her husband were forced to guide the soldiers in their operations against guerrilla rebels. A chance to escape leads instead to tragedy. Faced with no choice, Obunay has to find a way to survive and reunite with her children.
“Tu Pug Imatuy” in the indigenous Manobo language means “To Kill.”  The movie is inspired by actual events of Manobos who faced struggles against environment plunder by corporations and militarization in their communities.

Arbi Barbarona
Main Cast: 

CAST: Malona Sulatan/Jhong Monzon/Jillian Khayle Barbarona/Henyo Ehem/Jamee Rivera/Luis Banaag III/Mentroso Malibatu/Nona Ruth Sarmiento



SCREENPLAY: Arnel Mardoquio
PRODUCERS: Norhaiya Macusang / Tyrone Velez / Kilab Multimedia Milo Tolentino / Yellowkite Film Production/ Jillian Barbarona / Red Motion Media/ Arnel Mardoquio / Skyweaver Productions
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Bryan Jimenez, Arbi Barbarona
Contact: Arbi Barbarona (arbibarbarona@gmail.com)

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