Pauwi Na

PAUWI NA (Pedicab) by Paolo Villaluna

“Pauwi Na” follows a pedicab driver, his sharp-tongued wife, their petty thief son, a blind, pregnant young woman – who happens to see Jesus Christ – and a dog named Kikay. This is the story of a family on a journey from poverty in the city to an imagined paradise in the countryside.  

Paolo Villaluna & Ellen Ramos
Main Cast: 

CAST: Bembol Roco/Cherry Pie Picache/Merryl Soriano/Jerald Napoles/Chai Fonacier/Jess Mendoza/Shamaine Buencamino



DIRECTOR: Paolo Villlauna/Producer-Ellen Ramos
Executive Producer: Dr. Milagros Ong-How
Screenplay and Editing: Paolo Villaluna and Ellen Ramos
Cinematography: Sasha Palomares
Production Design: Maoxie Mao Fadul
Sound: Andrew Milallos
Music: Paolo Villaluna, Pike and Veena Ramirez
Contact: Paolo Villaluna (

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